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Fix issue with ASP.NET MVC Razor page intellisense

Wed Jul 01 2015ASP.NETC#

This post shows how to fix an issue with ASP.NET MVC Razor pages where the syntax highlight does not work and intellisense doesn't work.


Automatically push data from a Kentico form to SalesForce using a Web to Lead form

Fri Apr 04 2014KenticoASP.NETC#

This post shows how to have data from a Kentico form builder pushed to SalesForce automatically using the Web-To-Lead functionality.


ASP.NET C# Web.Config helper class

Fri Apr 04 2014ASP.NETC#

The following is a C# helper class that reads App Settings in your ASP.NET Web.config file


Kentico CMS Mapper functions using Reflection in C# .NET

Thu Oct 17 2013KenticoC#ASP.NET

The following post shows functionality on mapping a Kentico CMS TreeNode object to a strong type .NET model class. These functions use reflection to map a property in the class to a Kentico document type field.


Kentico CMS helper functions to query nodes and return strong typed objects

Wed Oct 16 2013KenticoASP.NETC#

The following post shows Kentico 7 CMS wrapper functions that allow you to easily query nodes and return back a strong type.


SQL helper script to generate properties for an Entity Framework model

Wed Oct 16 2013C#SQLEntity Framework

This post shows a T-SQL script that can be used to generate the properties for a class that correspond to to a field in a database table. This can be used with Entity Framework.


How to create a record in a Kentico BizForm through the Kentico API

Tue Oct 15 2013KenticoASP.NETC#

This post shows an example of how to create a record in a Kentico BizForm through the Kentico API.


How to return a list of Twitter tweets using LinqToTwitter in C#

Tue Oct 15 2013ASP.NETC#

The following example shows how to use LinqToTwitter to return back tweets from a specific twitter handle.


How to access the master page of a Portal Page template in Kentico CMS

Mon Oct 14 2013KenticoC#ASP.NET

This post shows you how to access the actual master page for a Kentico Portal template. It allows you to edit the HTML tag and other areas that are not accessible from within the Kentico user interface


C# Generic Extension function to check if an item is in the list of values

Mon Jul 22 2013C#

The following is a C# Generic Extension function that checks if an item is in the given list of values.